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105062, Moscow, Podsosensky per., d.5, str.1,
Tel.: +7 (095) 775-7600,
Fax: +7 (095) 775-7602
e-mail: tmk@tmk-group.com

General Manager: Pumpyansky Dmitry Alexandrovich.


is the greatest sectoral holding company in the Russian tubular goods industry. It administrates the leading Russian tube and pipe enterprises: Volzhsky Pipe Plant (in Volgograd region), Sinarsky Pipe Works (in Sverdlovsk region), Seversky Tube Works (in Sverdlovsk region), and Taganrog Metallurgical Works (in Rostov region).

production capabilities cover 45% of the Russian tubular goods potential production. TMK total production capacity amounts to 5 mln tons of tubes per year. The company is the biggest tubular goods manufacturer in Russia, producing more than 42% of Russian tubes, and is one of the three biggest tube manufacturers in the world. TMK is also the export leader in its sector because more than a half of the Russian tubes sold abroad are made by TMK. The companys foreign clients stay in more than 60 countries of the world. In 2004 they received about 780,000 tons of tubes.

All companys trade operations are executed by its specialized sales divisions: TMK Trading Company, operating in Russia and CIS countries, and Sinara Trading: the official TMK distributor outside former Soviet Republics, with its own branches in Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary. TMK branches and representative offices in Russia and abroad and a wide network of official dealers greatly contribute to timely and effective decisions regarding the companys product deliveries to clients all over the world.

TMK produces a wide range of tubular goods of various use employed in oil and gas production, chemical and petrochemical industry, power engineering, machine-building, construction and housing and communal services, shipbuilding, aeronautical engineering, space and missile technologies. These are welded pipes with diameters from 8 mm to 2520 mm and wall thicknesses from 1 to 25 mm and seamless pipes with diameters from 1 mm to 426 mm and wall thicknesses from 0.1 to 60 mm, i.e. the entire range the world market demands. The pipes are made of carbon, stainless and heat-resistant steels, titanium and nickel alloys, composite metals, and cast iron. TMK products are certified in accordance with international standards API 5L, API 5CT, API 5D, ASTM, DIN and others. The system of quality in all plants is certified to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 and PI Spec Q1 standards.

TMK clients include major Russian and foreign companies such as Gazprom, Transneft, Lukoil, YUKOS, Surgutneftegaz, Exxon, AGIP, Mitsui, Marubeni-Itochu, Wintershall, and many others.

The high quality of TMK products results in its successful participation in many large-scale Russian and international projects. Among them are oil pipeline of the Baltic Pipeline System, gas pipelines Yamal-Western Europe, Near Asia-Center and others.

The most important part of the holding activity are its continuous and systemic efforts aimed at product quality improvement With this objective in view the company wages a large-scale investment program directed at the production updating, renewal of production facilities and putting of new capacities in operation. Annual investments are over 50 mln USD.

pursues an active social policy. Its plants have 50,000 employees and the company pays great attention to their training and maintaining of favourable working conditions. Each plant is deeply incorporated into the local urban structure that is why TMK holds it important to actively participate in charitable and social programs of both regional and federal scale.

The Closed Joint Stock Company "" was founded in 2001. At the beginning of 2002 TMK and two Russian pipe plants (public corporations Volzhsky Pipe Plant in Volgograd Region and Seversky Tube Works in Sverdlovsk Region) had concluded an agreement, which stated that TMK would render managerial services to these enterprises, which would include strategic planning and activity coordination, elaboration of production, engineering, marketing, sales, financial and economic policies.

In July 2002 TMK had signed a managerial service contract with the public corporation Taganrog Metallurgical Works in Rostov Region and in March 2003 with the public corporation Sinarsky Pipe Works in Sverdlovsk Region. Therefore, TMK came to manage four leading industrial enterprises of the national pipe production sector, whose total share in the Russian market of steel pipes amounts to more than 40%.

TMK sales policy is centralized and is pursued by 100%-owned subsidiary close corporation TMK Trading Company which carries out the entire bulk of operations on sales of the pipe plants products and on procurement of the raw stuff and main materials. An important part of its activity is development of tubular goods export and that found its reflection in creation of sales network abroad. In 2002 the TMK Trading Company office in Azerbaijan was opened and in 2003 subsidiary limited partnership TMK-Kazakhstan in Kazakhstan. Furthermore, TMK Warehouse Suite Ltd. exists within TMK Trading Company since 2004, which sales TMK pipes from a storage shelf in the Moscow region. In the same 2004 a TMK Trading Company subsidiary Transport Company TMK-Trans Ltd. was founded that transports the Companys products.

At the beginning of 2004, through a series of transactions TMK acquired the majority ownership of all pipe plants that were working under its management and that came to be reflected in consolidated financial statement. Modifications were also introduced in the administrative structure of the plants and in accordance with them TMK became the sole managing authority for every of its constituent plants.

Since 2003 the auditor of TMK is "Ernst & Young". Since 2004 Goldman Sachs is TMK investment consultant, Accenture is its consultant on organizational structure development, whereas Hatch Beddows is the consultant on strategy and business-plan elaboration. 


In the effort to have more effective production supply and product sales the holding administration has founded TMK Trade House (TMK TH), which has become one of the main components of the companys productive assets management.

The Trade House is one of the biggest establishments in Russia that sells tubular goods and it executes the entire range of companys selling operations. The main objective of TH is maximal satisfaction of consumer wants on the basis of an effective system of delivery management and product quality control. The TH activity significantly shortens the terms of final product manufacture and allows to lead more flexible price and marketing policy. Combination of sectoral principle of sales department organization and a network of regional and foreign representative offices as well as official distributors contributes to the most effective use of TMK plants productive and technological potential.

Trade House took part in major pipeline projects of Transneft company (Baltic Pipeline System, Sukhodolnaya-Radionovskaya, Yamal-Western Europe), supplied pipes for such large-scale international projects as Karaganchak gas condensate field construction in Kazakhstan, oil pipeline Kenkyak-Atyraoo in Kazakhstan, elaboration of import-substituting products for the Gazprom public company producing and transporting enterprises. The number of TMK TH regular customers exceeds 1300 companies and its monthly turnover amounts to 100 mln USD. The holding regular customers in Russia are oil and gas production companies, chemical and petrochemical industry, enterprises of power engineering and machine-building sector, firms operating in civil construction and housing and communal services.

As part of general strategic program, the activity of TMK TH is aimed at wider presence of the holding in both traditional and new segments of the national market and at the solution of internal overproduction problem by the expansion of exports.

Director of TMK Trade House: Semerikov, Konstantin Anatolyevich


is a socially responsible company. We are doing everything possible to maintain the job positions and favourable work conditions for our employees. Significant efforts are being exerted to render our personnel more socially protected and to improve working environment.

About 50,000 employees work at the companys enterprises and all enterprises are part and parcel of their corresponding urban structures in all senses of the term. The company operates in 5 regions of Russia and in 6 other countries, that is why social policy has a complex character and is aimed at creation of maximally advantageous conditions for effective labour with due regard to territorial and national peculiarities.

Every enterprise concludes an annual labour contract between the administration and trade union, which serves as basis for the social support of employees and their family members. Labour contract is an example of social collaboration and it is a constant subject to improvement thus taking in consideration all the aspect that may affect the social stability of an enterprise. We are presently working at the establishment of a unified social standard within the holding, which will allow to have a balanced corporate policy in function of the economic results of an enterprise.

The holding enterprises have great variety of social facilities contributing to the comfortable infrastructural environment: Cultural centers and Sports palaces, recreation centers and preventoriums and health-improving camps for children.

The company offers support to the enterprise-launched programs of training and advanced training aimed at the creation of qualified labour reserves; getting of degrees, first or second, (also by correspondence) at the best institutes of the sector or diplomas of professional schools; professional contests.

Holding enterprises practice partial payments for vacation trips or stay in health institutions, for factory meals, make a health-improving summer program for children of their employees. All employees and pensioners are granted qualified medical treatment in specialized institutions organized by levels: from a workshop first-aid post to enterprise-run out-patients clinic. Furthermore, the enterprises are actively introducing the system of voluntary medical insurance, thus contributing to the formation of employees health-preservation system of high quality. The salaries and wages in TMK enterprises are annually growing by 15-17% and are always higher than the average level in tubular goods industry.

Due to a unified system of personnel management with incorporated concrete measures of motivations and rewards a well-proportioned system of corporate values has been elaborated, in the center of which is professionalism of the employees and their satisfaction in labour.

Great attention is paid to physical culture and sports in the company. The reason behind this is the endeavour to general invigoration of personnel and to the development of mass sports, including juvenile sports. Thus, every enterprise in the holding maintains an amateur soccer team, annual summer and winter sports and athletics meetings are held. The employees are particularly fond of such already traditional events as Foot Tourist Week-End, cross-country skiing competitions and TMK Cup soccer tournaments. The company also offers full support to and stimulates the youth movement at the holding enterprises and as an example of positive experience mention should be made here of youth organizations, such as Youth Support Committees, Boards of Young Graduates, Innovator Boards.

Following the old Russian patronal tradition the company executes charitable and sponsor projects , which consist in real help to the national culture, sports, physical and moral health of the population. These are, for example, patronage of orphans homes, support of health care institutions, publishing projects, support of pensioners former enterprise employees, common efforts with religious organizations of various creeds in the process of restoration of the best Russian spiritual traditions, sponsorship to professional sports teams and individual talented sportsmen.

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