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"Oboronsnabsbyt Group" is the Ural's largest wholesale and retail enterprise specialized in construction materials, interior goods and accompanying goods.

Beneficial geographical location is one of our undeniable advantages. We are situated on the crossing of the Ural-Siberian region's major transport pathways in immediate proximity to the Airport "Kolcovo" and in 10 minutes drive from Ekaterinburg.
Total area of the enterprise is 24 hectares.
"Oboronsnabsbyt Group" is the Ural's largest wholesale and retail enterprise specialized in construction materials, interior goods and accompanying goods.

Beneficial geographical location is one of our undeniable advantages. We are situated on the crossing of the Ural-Siberian region's major transport pathways in immediate proximity to the Airport "Kolcovo" and in 10 minutes drive from Ekaterinburg.

Total area of the enterprise is 24 hectares.

Vladislav Usanov, President of "Oboronsnabsbyt Group" says: "We have been the Ural's largest marketplace for the last 10 years. We clearly understand that position of the leader obliges to the many things. We constantly increase the package of provided services and improve its quality. "Oboronsnabsbyt Group" is open to the clients, investors and government authorities."


1965. 14th June - there was the order of the Ministry of Defense to build All-Union base that would supply the Military-industrial complex throughout the territory of Ural, Siberia and the Far East.

1992. The internal economic reorganizations within our country made the enterprise to change its policy and profile. A decision was made to create the market place specialized in construction materials on the territory of the storehouse.

2000. With the total area of 24 hectares Oboronsnabsbyt reached the top of the region market-storage enterprises ranking.


25 000 square metres of the trading facilities forms the present state-of-the-art market complex.

The product range consists of more than 100 000 items.

Our attendance figures are 45 000 persons per week.

Most of pavilions specialize in a single product group such as wallpapers, sanitary engineering, pieces of furniture and so on. Narrow specialization allows each of such pavilions offer wider range within the product group to their consumers which considerably exceeding the possibilities of any construction supermarket.

Double-decker pavilions are comfortable and sufficiently equipped. There is just a short list of the services provided for convenience and comfort of the businessmen that includes requisite lighting, heating, telephone lines, computer equipment, fast Internet connection


Presence of our own infrastructure makes the complex even more attractive for the partners. Firstly, it assures independence from municipal Public Utilities thus providing the enterprise with full autonomy.
boiler house on 10MWth
central heating
high pressure gas-main
2 air-cable power lines
distribution substation on 6 kV
8 switch-yards
2 pump plants (artesian well)
sewer transmission station
fireman basin with capacity of 500 cubic metres
fire-station with fire truck
fire-burglar alarm
two railway dead-end sidings
two 30-ton frame cranes
vehicle fleet (25-ton truck crane, cleaning and snow-removal equipment, construction equipment, loaders, buses, repair depots)
filling station
parking territory with total area of 36 000 square metres
dial exchange, fast internet connection
railway yard-masters service
medical centre


The Licensed Security Service guarantees as following:

Providing security control on the market and storage facilities that is one of the key priorities of "Oboronsnabsbyt Group" management. We do our best so the entrepreneurs and the buyers could feel themselves protected.
The whole area of the storage facilities is under 24-hours video observation.
Security service department includes a group of operative response. The group is aimed to take operative measures before arrival of law-enforcement forces in a case of an emergency arising within territory of the enterprise.
We have got our own cynologist service. There are currently more than 30 dogs in the nursery. All dogs take special training and are intended to perform guarding and patrolling work as well as detecting of an explosive stuff.


"Oboronsnabsbyt" provides currently more than 25 000 square metres of the storage premises.

The storage facilities adjoin the market complex. Such neighbourhood location spares businessmen the difficulties and the problems in relation to the goods transfer.

By request of a businessman he can be provided with a store-room of any size from a few square metres up to a few thousand metres.

To take care of the goods of our clients is our responsibility. All storage facilities are equipped with modern shelving, adapted for keeping any kind of goods. The biggest part of storage facilities is adapted for keeping goods during winter time.

The storage facilities have got a park of electro- and diesel loaders. The electro-loaders can be charged with its own charging station.

The storehouse has got two railway access tracks. There is railway yard-masters service on the territory of the enterprise that is in charge of receiving and dispatching of railroad wagons.

Metal storage site located on the territory of the storehouse is capable to store up to 5 thousand tons. It is equipped with two 32-ton crane that is capable to work with 20-ton containers.


2003. A decision was made to set up our own production unit. A company "Tehplast ltd" was found to produce building materials from polyvinylchloride composites. These products should be used for inside decorating of premises. The product range comprises of wall panels, assembly, fasteners and connection elements. In our production we use only high tech materials of good quality along with extrusion equipment made abroad.

2005. We are currently working on developing of an innovative technology that will allow to produce finishing materials of third generation
According to the specialists, such material will be unique in the terms of superior advantages over other finishing materials.

1998.  By the Managament of the "Oboronsnabsbyt Group" a decision was made to set up Advertising and Public Relation Service (APRS).
The chief task of APRS is to inform prospective customers about available services and products of entrepreneurs.
Entrepreneurs may choose to launch an advertising campaign subscribing to the services that APRS can provide as following:
  1. To arrange billboard and banner advertising either on the territory of "Oboronsnabsbyt Group" or outside.
  2. Information service. Each consumer can get information on goods and services available on the market complex either by telephone or right in site.
  3. To place information on our web site www.oboronka.com that is updated on a regular basis making it more attractive and easy-to-use.
  4. Radio advertising. We inform daily the visitors of the market complex about services and goods by internal radio.
  5. To participate in specialized telecasting. To launch broad advertising campaigns on a regular basis, during which a drawing is held with different kinds of prizes - from a steam iron to a car. Conducting such campaigns is an incentive for our consumers.

The Group of the companies "Oboronsnabsbyt" is in a constant development. There are planes for the nearest future as following:
  1. To increase area of storage facilities up to 40000 square metres
  2. To increase trade areas up to 75000 square metres
  3. To put additional production facilities into operation
  4. To develop brand new services within the market-storage enterprise.
Carrying out of these and many other projects implies attraction of both internal and external investments. From this point of view, high rate of investment attractiveness of "Oboronsnabsbyt Group" is so important that comprises as following:
  1. Beneficial geographical location.
  2. The whole land, on which market-storage enterprise is situated, is a property of "Oboronsnabsbyt Group".
  3. Availability of free territory for further developing and extension.
  4. Our own infrastructure.
  5. Current transition to International System of Financial Statements.
  6. Unique team of associates that has been formed during many years.

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