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Russian metalworking technology to produce cast iron in Myanmar


The Republic of the Union of Myanmar, a Southeast Asian country formerly known as Burma, is launching its new metalworking production project that is using an innovative Russian technology called “Romelt” developed by MISiS, a top tech university in Moscow, the MISiS website announced. 

The new Russian technology is said to enable metallurgists to process iron-poor ores without prior enrichment and produce a commercially popular cast iron grade. As a by-product, the Romelt makes it possible to also produce slag for commercial uses, including road construction, and electrical energy in quantities enough to cover the new Myanmar factory’s own needs and more (exports are possible). 

When the factory starts operating at full throttle, it is expected to produce up to 200,000 tons of cast iron a year. 

MISiS is not only providing its research expertise but is also offering Myanmar its consulting services, preparing documentation, training engineers and workers, and lending the Asian partner a hand in ‘domesticating’ and fine-tuning its technology on Myanmar soil. It’s a MISiS alumnus, a Myanmar citizen, that heads the new factory project.


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