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ChTPZ Group gets new machines to train for WorldSkills


Robotino, a 2m-ruble third-generation mobile robot made by FESTO, arrived at ChTPZ Group Training Center; the purchase was funded by Sverdlovsk Region Education Ministry to help the Group’s students get ready for WorldSkills projects, the Group’s press service reports. 

The new robot is an improvement on Robotino’s older version which the Center already has; the machine is used for Mobile Robotics practice sessions by students on the Group’s corporate training program (aka the Future of White Metallurgy); the goal is to prepare for WorldSkills championships. Robotino 3 is 1.5 times bigger than its predecessor and is much better at multitasking. 

Robotino is to be used for learning how to computer program and to set multi-level tasks as well as for learning about automated industrial freight logistics. 

‘This third-generation robot is fitted with more powerful and innovative software, so its orientation skills are enhanced, as is its interaction with mechatronics stations at our center. Additional modules such as the fork lift or the laser scanner are an extra advantage for WorldSkills training. Our students will be able to learn to operate all the parts of the machine in real life,’ says FESTO Didactic Russia’s local representative Evgeniy Rogonov.


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