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Today: 25 April 2019

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Elite Club of Corporate Behaviour - is a non-government organization uniting enterprises sharing norms of corporate conduct, principles of openness and transparency.
Members of Elite Club of corporate Behaviour are most active and successful enterprises of Urals Federal Okrug: OAO “Urals Metals and Mining Company” (UGMK), “Uralsevergaz – Independent Gaz Company”, OAO “Pipe Metals Company” (TMK), OAO “Uralsvyazinform”, ZAO Investment and Industrial Company “Mekhtrans”, ZAO “Promelektronika”, OAO “Oboronsnabsbyt”.
Tasks of Elite Club of Corporate Behaviour:
1. Introduction of corporate governance norms, improving the level of corporate governance;
2. Liaison with the government authorities of all levels, municipal government, trade unions, public organizations, commercial and non-for-profit bodies for representing objectives and protecting interests of the Club members;
3. Representing and protecting at government bodies of all levels, judicial authorities, and other organizations interests of the Club members;
4. Participating in preparation of federal, regional and other investment programmes and projects;
5. Attracting foreign and stimulating domestic investments including investments fro implementation of federal and regional social and economic development programmes;
6. Increasing effectiveness of investment processes by way of creating  a mechanism suitable for Russian economy conditions, and creating necessary environment for attracting domestic and foreign investments;
7. Protecting the rights and legitimate interests of investors in the stock market;
8. Organisation of staff training and retraining;
9. Providing information and consulting services matching the Club’s objectives;
10. Organisation and holding of exhibitions, conferences, presentations, seminars aiming at achieving the Club’s objectives;
11. Resolving disputes through the Club’s Court of Arbitration.
Chairman: Mr V.A Krysov, Head of the Urals regional branch of Federal Services for Financial Markets of RF
Members of the Board:
Mr V.F. Basargin, Deputy Pleniponetionery Representative of the Russian President in the Urals Federal Okrug;
Mr V.Z. Khikin, Chairman of Sverdlovsk State Body “Property Fund of Sverdlovsk Oblast”;
Mr V.N. Chulichkov, Acting Head of Main Dept. of the Ministry of Justice in the Urals Federal Okrug;
Mr V.M. Nikitin, Head of Russian Property Dept. in Sverdlovsk Oblast;
Mr I.N. Tkachenko, Director of Institute of Corporate Governance and Entrepreneurship at Urals State University.
Chairman of the Club Panel: Mr A.A. Kozitsyn, General Director of OAO “UGMK”
Director of the Club: Mr R.G. Akhmetshin
Tel: +7 (343) 365-86-35, 379-51-46                                                                                             
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